Backstage – 3 days of celebrations at Borgo S. Felice, Tuscany

Backstage – 3 days of celebrations at Borgo S. Felice, Tuscany

The images you are about to look at are from a luxury wedding we organized this summer in Tuscany. For privacy reason we cannot disclose the images of the wedding, but we are sure you will enjoy looking at the backstage and seeing the hard work behind the scenes, and how much love, attention and dedication  we put to create a truly perfect event.

The event took place at the luxury Relais Borgo San Felice in Castelnuovo Berardenga, only 20 minutes drive from Siena.

The couple bought out the entire property for 3 nights, hosting a week-end of festivities which was organized as follows:


11:00 – Civil wedding ceremony in the town hall of Siena for closest family and friend.
11:30-12:30 – Photo session in the heart of Florence
12:30-15:00 – Lunch reception at the Antica Osteria da Divo
16:00 – Back at Borgo S. Felice

Our fabulous interpreter, Ms. Stella, she is absolutely wonderful! Then we walked to the restaurant Osteria Da Divo for an intimate family dinner.

At the Borgo our floral designers started to set-up for dinner, under the beautiful Pergola – Two long wooden tables with ecru runners and white washed stone vases with rosemary and lavender. Tea-lights hanging from the pergola to create a more vibrant atmosphere!

18:00 – A long week-end of celebration started with a Scavenger Hunt around the Borgo! What a fun, all guests were dressed up with a TOGA. The afternoon followed with the musical chairs game  and sack races! Even their photographer, Mr. Carlo Carletti enjoyed being dressed like a Roman!

1, 2, 3… GO! We had so much fun in preparing these games! These folks wanted to have fun indeed!

Around 20:00 the weather suddenly changed… big grey clouds announced that unfortunately the party had to carry on indoors in the restaurant of the Borgo. Florist had to set-up all floral decors again in less than 20 minutes. Due to the size of the hall,  long rectangular tables were not longer possible.


A day full of love and fun, under the Tuscan rain! Yes, unfortunately the weather was still uncertain. Because of the rain in the night, the temperature suddenly lowered down, even though in the morning it was pretty sunny. In the horizon however, some big black clouds were concerning our event planners and designers.
The whole event was supposed to take place outdoor. The ceremony was to be held in the main Piazza, followed by cocktails in the Tea-rose garden and dinner back again in the Piazza where a truly impressive U shaped table was going to create the atmosphere of a festive dinner in an Italian Piazza.

A band flew from UK to entertain guests  after dinner. Martina and Sara giving instructions on timings and set-up. Then a meeting with Mauro, the hairdresser, for a re-cap of the services needed.

Ceremony preparation! Lots of energy is required!

Wedding ceremony in front of the church.

Gianni our floral designer, absolutely wonderful to cooperate with him and his staff of 15 florists! Impeccable details, great care and attention!  Everything was beautifully set-up for a romantic outdoor symbolic ceremony. The amazing standing floral arrangements were made with Avalanche roses, Queen Anne’s lace, clematis, hydrangeas, viburnum and trailing greenery set-up on stone vases set-up on antiqued columns.

Cocktail set-up in the Tea-rose garden. Poseurs tables… beautiful, simple, fragrant flowers and lemons…

Sound check of Bossanova Latin Jazz… Musicians arrived and started the sound check.

The weather was still on our side… just to allow the set-up of the symbolic ceremony… but as soon as  the bride walked down the aisle a sweet gentle rain blessed them!
“Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata” we say here in Italy (Lucky is the bride when it rains). I must say that it was quite unusual to have a ceremony under umbrellas! Unconventional, fun and different! Life is how you get it! The rain would have meant a disaster for another couple, but M&J enjoyed every second of it! Their wedding pictures were unbelievable under the rain!

Time to take some action! It’s raining again! The dinner must be set-up indoors! Shame, but the weather is the only thing we cannot predict! While guests are on taking their cocktails we had 1 hour to set-up the whole banqueting hall. Run Martina…

Beautiful rustic decors with tall candelabras, sage, rosemary, basil plants, lemons, roses and white hydrangeas… We were prepared to set-up over 40 candelabras, 3,000 roses, over 300 vases with fine herbs! In the air a fragrant scent of lemon and basil, fresh and delicate.

Working on a new seating plan at the last minute! New challenge! And the table set up under the portico…

After dinner cake cutting outdoor in the Veranda Bar, with live music and dancing! The party carried on until 03:00 am in the morning, with pizza serving at 1:00 am.


The third day of celebration started with a brunch served around 11:00 am in the morning and followed with a pool party with DJ music and dancing.
In the afternoon we started the preparation of dinner in the cellar, a long wooden table for 100 guests beautifully decorated with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, rosemary and mason jars filled with candles.

Viva L’Italia! The colours of the Italian Flag are reproduced in this lovely table decors.

We hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful pictures. Feel free to contact us  to plan a fabulous Tuscan wedding!


Image Credits: Evita Pizzale ©.




My fiance and I are considering an Italian wedding in 2018. Would you be able to let us know roughly how much it would cost to replicate this kind of wedding, and how many guests Borgo S. Felice can accommodate?

Kind Regards,

Faye Cooper

Hello Faye! Borgo San Felice can accommodate 125 guests, and there is also a cottage with 9 double rooms at 2 minutes’ drive. Some more details about this lovely venue are available on our main site at the page Borgo San Felice.
As for the costs, our events are always tailored to the couple’s needs so costs may vary according to the services required. For an estimate please email me at or through our dedicated enquiry form, I will be happy to send you a quote per email. Thank you for getting in touch!

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