How to Plan Your Dream Wedding in Italy with Pinterest

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding in Italy with Pinterest

When you start planning your destination wedding in Italy you are full of ideas, you start looking at the most beautiful wedding websites and find lots of inspiration… but how to keep track of all these awesome pictures and plans? Pinterest is certainly a useful tool and has become the favorite social network not only for all the brides-to-be but also for the wedding planners!

You can create a Pinterest board to share with us images of the style you love.

Exclusive Italy on Pinterest

How to create your Pinterest board

Gather inspiration

Start by pinning everything you initially like to a master wedding board (tip: make it secret!). Go to Boards, click on Create Board and give a descriptive title to your board. Don’t forget to flag the “Keep it secret” option.

Don’t edit just yet, now’s the time to go all out. You might immediately pick up on themes and color palettes that you’re drawn to, but don’t forget that your day is going to be completely unique.

Break it down

Once you’ve added enough pins to cover all areas of your day, take some time to split your board into sections like bouquet, table decor, ceremony, dresses, hairstyles, stationery, etc. Get as specific as you’d like here! This will help you to organize your pins and easily find what you’re looking for. Now you may begin to identify a theme or color palette based on what you’ve been saving.

It is also useful if you put in the description of each photo what you like of that image and what inspires you, this will help us to better understand your style and the effect you aim to achieve. Keep in mind your chosen venue and try thinking about how that idea or detail can be incorporated to create a consistent and harmonious style.

Share it with us

Now it’s time to share your board with your wedding planner! Make sure to add the profile of the wedding planner with whom you are in contact.

We recommend to only share curated boards that don’t have hundreds of pins. Cluttered boards can be confusing and actually hinder the initial goal of simplicity and organization. It’s normal that you change your mind along the way, especially when it comes to planning one of the most important days of your life! So, come back to your board and remove anything you don’t love.

When you share the board with your wedding planner, don’t forget to put your name in the board title: “Name of Bride & Name of Groom – Venue”.

Pinterest is an inspiration

Pinterest is a great tool to find images, ideas, tips, examples, inspirations for the style and feel of your wedding day, if you use it in the right way. However, it is not a great idea to ask us to recreate a specific detail seen on Pinterest exactly as it is, since it was designed for a specific venue and with many other variables involved. You are unique and we want to design for you a unique event that is truly personal.

Let’s start creating together an unforgettable day that is really your own! Follow us on Pinterest and send us an email with your ideas. And maybe, who knows, someday another bride will pin your photos too!



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