Balloon decorations for your wedding in Italy

Balloon decorations for your wedding in Italy

Balloon decorations can be a perfect solution to create the right atmosphere for a wedding. Their colours can make a romantic mood or a cheerful one. What would be the right choice for your wedding?

Balloons are a favourite at any celebration: their colors cheer up the atmosphere and their lightness creates a fairy tale sensation that awakens the inner child.

Balloon decorations for a romantic wedding

Look at this gorgeous stairway decorated with hundreds of grey balloons with underlying neon lighting for a wow effect!

In the second photo: these balloon garlands use a simple color palette creating an elegant yet stilish way to decorate the wedding hall.

Last photos: White paper lanterns hanging from a tree can create a dreamy atmosphere for a romantic wedding. A similar effect can be obtained with large white balloons: if you put a marble inside before inflating they will float down prettily.

Balloon for a wedding ceremony: a nice bit of colour

This colourful balloon wall would cheer up any wedding party!

Another way of adding a splash of colour to your wedding reception is a balloon drop. A perfect background for a passionate kiss after the ceremony!

Balloon drop during wedding ceremony

Why not use balloons as a background for your photobooth? You can choose them in the colours of your wedding theme.

Balloons in pastel colors can be tied at different heights to create a wall. Or you can use clear balloons and fill them with large tissue paper confetti.

A combination of glossy pastel balloons and golden letter-shaped ones creates a fairytale yet colourful atmosphere. White balloons can create a very elegant effect at a wedding reception.

This couple used pink balloons for a Marie Antoinette inspired wedding shoot.

Balloon decorations: a respectful choice for the environment

Please keep in mind that releasing balloons in the air can be harmful for the environment: they can fall in wild areas, where birds and other animals can get tangled in the strings, or at sea, where turtles, dolphins and fishes can mistake them for jellyfish and ingest them, with disastrous consequences.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have balloons at your wedding reception: biodegradable balloons are 100% environmentally friendly and, as you can see from the ideas we shared, there are plenty of creative ways of using them indoors, so that they can be safely disposed of after the party.

The possibilities are endless… with the help of expert wedding planners you can create a stylish balloon arrangement for your wedding reception with an elegant visual effect.

If you are interested in this kind of decoration for your wedding in Italy, Exclusive Italy Weddings can assist you in creating the right arrangement for your wedding, both suitable for your wedding venue and reflecting your style and inspirations. Contact us and share your ideas!


Image Credits: Synergy Styling and Photography, @jengotch on Instagram, Sassy Mouth Photography, Belathée Photography, Martha Stewart, Ashley Garmon, Mike Arick,, Kojo Designs, Marry Jocee, Amy Atlas.



Amazing Decor!! Balloons are the latest trendy thing in wedding decor these days. It can completely transform the wedding venue. These balloon decor are just perfect if are thinking to plan a beautiful wedding theme. Just loved it!!

Great informative post. Wonderful decoration, this is latest trend in wedding decoration. Your tips are very beneficial to those who are either planning or will plan in future to do fun wedding. Thanks for sharing.

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